Bamboo cosmetic bandage

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Introducing our exclusive headband in the unusual material bamboo viscose, in a delicate shade of ecru. It is a combination of natural beauty and comfort, ideal for expressing your individual style.

Why is it valuable to choose our ecru-coloured bamboo viscose headband?

Exceptional Comfort: This headband provides wearing pleasure thanks to the bamboo viscose. Its exceptional softness minimises the risk of skin irritation.

Ecological Philosophy: Our headband is an eco-friendly choice. Bamboo viscose is derived from a fast-growing plant, providing an environmentally friendly alternative.

Universal Shade: The ecru shade adds elegance to the headband, matching a variety of styles and creating a cohesive look.

Discover a headband that simultaneously enhances your style and takes care of your well-being. Comfort and beauty in one, thanks to our bamboo viscose headband in the shade ecru.

We offer the possibility 100% to personalise the product to your own needs!