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Promotional items - or an investment in good brand marketing

In an ever-evolving marketing landscape, one strategy continues to stand out as a proven driver of sales and brand promotion. These are promotional items, sometimes referred to as promotional items. This strategy has evolved over the years, adapting to the dynamics of the world, and remains one of the priority actions for companies that want to increase their sales efforts and promote their products.

W We understand how important well-chosen promotional (advertising) items are for building the strength of any brand. So we do not accept half-measures - it is important to apply this communication strategy, but equally important is the high quality of the products used in it.

But what exactly are promotional items and why should your company invest in their production and distribution?

In this article, we will delve into the world of promotional items, exploring their production process, benefits and the profound psychological impact of gift giving as part of a marketing strategy. By the end, you will have a clear understanding of how to promotional items can be a game changer for your businessnot only in terms of sales, but also in marketing - in building customer loyalty, brand recognition or improving brand image. So let's dive in and unleash the potential of this marketing tactic in an era of evolved consumer needs.

Nowadays, we can call a promotional/advertising article basically any product that is prepared to be marked with a logo. This ranges from the most basic products, such as lanyards, cotton bags or paper bags, on which many manufacturers have already cut their teeth, to rather unusual or even luxurious products such as bamboo nappies for babies or woven algae towels.

The possibilities for marking these products these days are practically endless. Today, we can mark any surface, such as cotton or polyesterand even metal. We often encounter, and it is already a common practice, the printing of images on fabric, mainly by methods of DTG - Direct to Garment or DTF - Direct to Film. Sublimation printing is also used even more frequently, but this method works best when printing on polyester of various types.

Why are promotional items so important in business?

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Promotional items have actually been on the market for centuries. The breakthrough for the advertising industry came with the invention of printing by the John Gutenberg in 1445, it was then that the first promotional items - leaflets with guild symbols and product information - were produced.

With the passage of time and the development of print, promotional items have begun their expansion in markets. No wonder, after all, promotional items not only help to identify the brand, but also have a strong impact on the customer's psyche. Promotional items are often given away by companies as gifts, i.e. completely free of charge. Already at this stage, receiving a gift from a company gives a sign to the brain: "they care about me", "they care about me", "they are giving me something as a gift". This way of influencing the customer's psyche makes the customer feel closer to the brand, becomes loyal, and this means they will undoubtedly come back for more.

The best way to build loyalty and maintain brand recall is with everyday promotional items, such as promotional cotton bags or promotional key lanyards. Your customer encounters them every day, so the company's logo flashes before his eyes several times a day, subconsciously building an ever-greater bond. This translates into real profits in the future.

A little more about promotional products. Types of promotional items. What to look out for when choosing a medium?


Gepa shop exclusive products screenprint lanyards blue

First promotional lanyards printed began to appear around 20 years ago with the development of screen printing. The most popular printing technique at the time was swellable plastisol, giving the impression of relief printing. Over the years, advertising gadgets began to take on more and more forms....

At the moment, apart from advertising lanyards, one of the most frequently chosen advertising products, , are cotton bags i bags paper.

PROMOTIONAL COTTON BAGS WITH BRAND LOGO cotton bag mall terror front advertising articles

Advertising bags owe their popularity to the fact that they are one of the closest products to the consumer. They are useful to him - who among us, doesn't need to transport something in a cotton bag at least once every few days?... And thanks to the large area of space available for your logo, it is very easy to draw your brand into the bag.

The use of attractive graphics will allow you to get into the consumer's heart (and onto their shoulder) and then make your brand stand out on the street. Advertising cotton and paper bags, when done right, allow you to gain a large and free advertising space in different points of the cities. By the way, a good reinforcement for promoting your brand is that another consumer is wearing them. This confirms to other people that your brand is interesting and offers something unique.

That's why you MUST take care of the highest quality of the promotional products you choose to promote your brand. We know this at, which is why we produce our promotional items ourselves, and with the help of trusted sewing factories, using materials of the highest quality, produced in Poland.

One of the most popular bag models at the moment is the most basic one, which we call TOKYO (LINK), which is a 38x42cm cotton advertising bag in a wide range of colours, grades and weights of cotton.

In addition to the TOKYO model, we also offer a wide range of cotton bag models designed in-house, because what sets the promotional items company apart from others is sewn advertising bag models bespoke in our sewing factories.

These bags are sewn according to the customer's request which means that you can get a one-of-a-kind product from us sewn and customised according to your wishes.


Gepa shop promotional items Laminated paper bag horizontal

Another promotional item that has been conquering the advertising gadget markets for many years now are paper bags. Their function and advertising possibilities are similar to those of cotton bags, although they are certainly less durable. However, they are ideally suited to corporate and promotional events, or for the packaging of subsequent gift products. Paper bags are divided into two main types - more on these below.

The first is the usual advertising paper bags on chalk paper with a handle twisted paper, or flat paper holder. These types of bags are usually characterised by simplicity of manufacture and not too much durability, which makes them very cheap. These bags are usually marked by screen printing and are designed for carrying rather lightweight contents. They are often used at trade fairs or in shops when packing groceries. Paper bags are a great product if we are looking for an extremely low-cost alternative for the placement of our logo.  

The second type of paper bag is advertising premium paper bags. This is a group of bags with increased durability, size and basically unlimited labelling possibilities. Thanks to the offset printing method, we are able to produce a high resolution photo quality print on the bag, which gives us great freedom when playing with the print design. Bags of this type, to reinforce the print, are coated with an additional layer of varnish providing them with two types of finish, matt or gloss. Bags with a matt finish are considered more elegant, while those with a gloss finish can be more eye-catching due to their shine. We divide premium paper bags into category A bags, which are smaller in size, and category B bags, which is a size up.


Winder sail with full colour print standing on the car park in front of the building

Not so long ago, products from the exhibition segment were also included in our offer, i.e. rollups i advertising flags. These products are certainly well known to all companies that have attended any trade fair or organised an event at least once in their lives. Roll ups and flags are basic exhibition products. Simple and uncomplicated, which is why they are also offered at very affordable prices. As with premium paper bagsHere, too, we are able to provide top-quality printing in photo quality. According to the customer's wishes, we can apply any design printed by sublimation to the fabric in high resolution.

Advertising rollups and promotional flags are the best way to draw attention to a brand and its message wherever it meets the customer in the real world. It is also an easy way to direct the customer's path, pointing them to the brand's stand at a trade fair or service point.

New on the market of advertising products good for events are: advertising pouffes, hammocks with brand logos or advertising deck chairs. These are products which are not so obvious from the consumer's perspective, but with their interesting shape they will surprise even the most demanding! By placing your logo on these types of products, you will manage to draw and maintain attention to your brand name even at the most crowded events. In addition, you will once again positively influence the image of your company.


cotton towels lying on the dresser,, promotional items

This is one of the more enjoyable categories of advertising products to have appeared on the market in recent times. If you are looking for the perfect moment in your consumer's path - you couldn't have come to a better place! In this category you will find all the products that accompany the consumer in moments of relaxation and pleasure. With them, you can enshrine yourself in the consciousness as a brand associated with warm experiences, caring for the consumer, improving their well-being.

What wellness, spa and home care promotional and advertising items can there be?

Let's start with the smallest companions of the beauty rituals, such as: advertising cosmetic pads, face washes or cosmetic bands. High-quality products made from natural materials that your consumer will see every day on his or her bathroom shelf, or during treatments at his or her favourite beauty salon.

Further effective wellness advertising products are towels of various kinds. At, you will find both classic cotton towels in various sizes, as well as a luxurious proposal of advertising towels made of fabric with algae, which nurture and nourish the skin.  

A separate category is promotional items for baby care. In this section, children's towels, also towels with hoods, promotional nappies, bathrobes or flannel are interesting proposals. All made from the highest quality, gentle, certified materials. Here, too, we offer cotton, but also bamboo fabric or those with added seaweed. Investing in promotional baby products is a recipe for showing your customer interest and taking care of them at the highest level!

Categorise promotional items for your convenience. Choose and order products according to your needs!

In the online shop for promotional and advertising items We have introduced various product categories. Each product category contains products that are appropriately matched to the thematic content presented.

Category: Shopping and travel - In this category you will find, among other things, the promotional items discussed earlier, namely:

- Paper bags

- Premium paper bags

But also:

- Advertising kitchen towels i kitchen cloths - w 100% specially woven to customer specifications, kitchen cloths will come in handy both on the move and at home. We offer two types of fabric for this product, cotton and bamboo fabric.

Category: Home and garden - In this category you will find, among other things, the promotional items discussed earlier, namely:

- Promotional Kitchen Towels

- Promotional kitchen cloths

But also:

- Promotional poufs - A brand new product in the range. We sew our pouffes in 100% polyester, which makes them very durable. Marking them with sublimation means that we can print every possible design on the poufs.

- Promotional hammocks - is a nice addition to our entire range. The fabric for the hammock is 100% polyester, so, as with the pouffes, we won't be surprised by any pattern we can print on them

- Promotional loungers - The older cousin of the hammocks. The 100% seat is made of polyester decorated with a sublimation print and comes with a sturdy wooden frame.

- Woven promotional towels - is a great option for trips to the beach or sports. The towels in 100% are made of bamboo fabric, embroidered from scratch according to the customer's wishes.

Category: Office and outdoor advertising - In this category you will find, among other things, the promotional items discussed earlier, namely:

- Advertising lanyards

- Promotional poufs

- Advertising flags

- Roll-up

Category: Event - In this category you will find, among other things, the promotional items discussed earlier, namely:

- Advertising lanyards

- Promotional poufs

- Advertising flags

- Advertising roll up

- Premium advertising paper bags

Category: Shopping and travel  - In this category you will find, among other things, the promotional items discussed earlier, namely:

- Woven promotional towels

But also:

- Promotional protective masks - Many of us still remember the days of the pandemic. We created this product as our own model in line with the recommendations of health professionals. It is made of natural cotton or strong and impermeable polyester. All this with the possibility of labelling. The protective masks have proven to be suitable protection as well as a great advertising medium.

- Promotional Cotton Towels - This is another in our line of exclusive or premium products. These are high quality towels in 100% made of cotton. Manufactured in Poland. The towels are great for hotels, spa salons or simply for your home. Our towels are in 100% woven from scratch according to the customer's wishes.

- Padvertising nail art - This is one of our unique products. We are one of the few manufacturers of promotional items of this type throughout Europe. Our files are ideal for beauty salons, spas or hotels, or as an everyday file for everyone. We offer several different sizes, all printed using the UV printing method which allows you to print your designs even in photo quality.

Category: Wellnes & Spa - In this category you will find, among other things, the promotional items discussed earlier, namely:

- Advertising nail files

But also:

- Advertising cosmetic pads, advertising cosmetic bands, advertising cosmetic face wash i advertising bamboo hair turbans - is a line of products created by us specifically for hygienic and effective face and hair care. These products can be made in 100% cotton or bamboo fabric so they gently and thoroughly cleanse the skin, and the towels are great for drying without damaging the hair, thanks to the properties of the fabric. The option of embroidery provides great brand identification, as these products are always kept in view.

- Advertising spa and beauty towels - A product from the SPA category dedicated to hotels and SPA and massage salons. An ideal way to advertise your hotel, spa or beauty salon, allowing you to be remembered by your customers for longer. Thanks to its soft materials, namely 100% cotton or bamboo fabric with added algae, this product ranks as one of the exclusive products. Their softness and excellent hygroscopicity are ideal for relaxing by the pool or during a relaxing massage. All towels in 100% are either woven from scratch according to the customer's wishes or embroidered on ready-made models.

Category: Bamboo collection for children - This category is one of our biggest hits. Each product has been appropriately designed to give you and your little ones the greatest possible comfort in use. What's more, each product in this line has been created in 100% from hypoallergenic bamboo fabric to ensure proper softness when in contact with the skin, thus ensuring no irritation to your little one's skin. All promotional items in this category are 100% customisable to suit the customer's needs. We mainly decorate the children's products with embroidery to make them even safer. In this category you will find promotional items such as:

- Promotional bamboo nappies

- Advertising bamboo bathrobe

- Advertising bamboo hair turbans

- Advertising bamboo bath towels

- Advertising bamboo washers

- Advertising bamboo hooded towels

- Advertising bamboo blankets

In summary, as you can see at the turn of the year, the promotional products industry has taken a huge step forward since the advertising lanyards 20 years ago. New product marking techniques are now being developed. The materials from which products are made are of ever higher quality and the product base itself has expanded to include a plethora of imaginative and fantastic gadgets and articles. If anyone thought that this branch of advertising was slowly becoming a thing of the past, they were dead wrong! Everyday objects will always be with us, we see them several times a day, and consequently they still remain the top advertising medium among all those around us.

So, without further ado, feel free to contact the team, together we will think of and create the perfect advertising product for your customer!